Top 5 Best Free SEO Tools for 2019

First of all, Happy New Year to everybody. We are going to make an effort to keep our blog more active this year and to keep posting case studies, tips, news and special offers. It will certainly help our Search engine optimisation!

You know what else will help?đŸ¤” The 5 tools we are going to share with you below:

1. Wikipedia –
Keyword Brainstorming

Wikipedia Logo | Design, History and Evolution

Wikipedia is a great tool for keyword research as it helps you to think laterally about your keyword. Find synonyms & related keywords which your competitors have overlooked.

2. Reddit –
Keyword Brainstorming

Reddit Wallpapers High Quality | Download Free

Reddit is another great tool for keyword research as it lets you “go deep” into your niche. Reddit users are enthusiastic early adopters who frequently post about the latest trends.

3. –
Keyword Brainstorming

Ubersuggest: ĂƒÂ‚Ă‚Â¡herramienta de palabras clave disponible y ...

Ubersuggest gives you hundres of Google Keyword suggestions for free. A fantastic tool to find every possible “long tail” variation of your keyword

4. Google Keyword Planner –
Keyword Research

Google Keyword Tool Has Officially Been Replaced By ...

This tool will give you data not available anywhere else about the keywords you’ve found through brainstorming. Monthly searches, competition, suggested bid…it’s all here.

5. SEO Toolbar –
Tools Suite, Toolbar, Technical SEO

Free SEO Tools, SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox 2015

One of the most popular tools available, The SEO Toolbar puts a ton of information at your fingertips including backlinks and competitive research.

There are other sites such as Google Trends that can also help you greatly with finding out new keywords, volumes of search and more. We’ve recommended these 5 popular and effective tools in order to get you started but SEO is a huge world of its own.

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