Content Marketing – How important is your content?

Content, it’s one of the most important areas in marketing. Aside from your company name and your logo. Visually your company is represented by the content you put out. Thus, it is fundamental that you are consistently releasing high quality content.

High quality content is not just great images. Well, it partly is, but these images need to tell a story which will perfectly represent your brand and the message you want to portray. There is nothing worse that irrelevant content, pulled out of thin air. It needs to spark emotion, whether it be just brand content, or seasonal content about an event or promotion. The best content triggers thought and emotion.

Influx Media specializes in content creation. We have years of experience and an array of tools at our disposal to achieve exactly what our clients are asking for, and often to exceed their expectations. We like to develop ideas ourselves, adding a new edge or perspective. That is the beauty of creativity, Ideas do not stop coming.


Content does not stop at images. Video and text are also content. This blog post which you are reading is content. An image or a video may be better at triggering emotion and thought, But there is nothing like a clear and concise block of text when all you what to do is explain something – fact. Facts come best in text format.

Videos on the other hand take you a step further. Incorporating moving images (video) and audio you can not only show but explain also, touching your audience not only emotionally through images and music, but also through the pace at which the image is moving at.


There is nothing more powerful than a great marketing video. So much is spent by massive corporations on creative content development and shooting, prior to the video editing phase.  

Influx media have the expertise in this final stage of video editing. We are great at piecing together raw video to create truly amazing clips, be it for brand representation or seasonal promotion. As a company it is one of the areas which we excel in and often produce our best work. There is nothing quite like wowing a client with a quality video or an amazing website.  


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