Video Editing How it Works For Newbies

With today’s modern technology and video camera, you can create your summer vacation videos, or maybe your own film and ofice presentation.

Making a flick or a simple video is not that straightforward. Software programs might be of serious help but if you get the too advanced ones, getting started could be an enormous problem.

Maybe you already used video recorders, right? There are tons of gizmos out in the market that permits you to capture special events or scenes on video. If you try and view the raw video recording, you may easily see some issues.

This is where video editing comes in. With the use of quality editing software, you can take away the failings and enjoy quality videos or pictures along with your folks.

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These are some of the things that you are going to need apart from the software and video recording gadget capture card, a video recorder, a P. C. with big storage space, or simply your PC monitor to view the final video. The method of video editing is straightforward. With your capture card, transfer the video from the camera or any other video recording gadget to the PC. Edit the raw recording using quality software. Remove pointless parts which make the video uninteresting and too lengthy and add some effects.

After the final touches, you can download the video or picture and burn or tape it.

PCs play a crucial role in video editing. You’ll need at least a 1g ( RAM ). Video editing consumes a large amount of space so it might be best to get a drive of 60GB and divide it into 2 separate partitions. Drive C should have at least 20GB and this is where you will store the editing software.

Video, audio, and other editing projects can be stored in drive D. Do not forget to get a 64 Meg AGP graphics card.

The storage of video files is commonly confusing and it relies on the individual doing the editing jobs. For those that need to create DVDs, big cupboard space is required. A 4.7 GB single sided DVD can only store 2 hours of movie or video. DV photos needs even more space since a video that lasts for an hour can take up about 13GB ; so for 2 hours, you must have 26GB and naturally, additional pictures needs extra storage space so you may as well use 39GB space.

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That is not all. If you want to add other options like MPEG and graphics, you need to make it around 50GB. Before you begin with any video editing task, ensure that you have enough storage space in your PC. The capture cards are also generally available and a few of these are Matrox, Height , adverts, Dazzle, Digital Origin, and Canopus. The cards use software or hardware compression. The video is then digitised to your PC’s hard drive.

This will enable you to edit the video and play it back again. MP3 converters can add music to your videos so try and get an MP3 Encoder too.

How To Start Video Editing isn’t that difficult. Just learn the fundamentals and use simple editing software at first.

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