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Want to be a digital marketer and lead the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of? Then you need to change the way you approach it. It’s time to stop thinking about making money fast and instead, time to think about having fun making money. And also enjoying the money when you have it. There are several resources that can help you to achieve that, so to continue your education, seek out these books! The E-Myth Revisited The problem with many

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How to Create a Home Office That Will Promote Health While You Work at the Computer

It’s not exactly news that office jobs aren’t good for us. This is something we’ve known now for a long time and more and more evidence is only supporting this view. Perhaps most damning are the recent studies on the negative effects of sitting at work. These show us that sitting for long stretches at a desk can take years off our life, and undo all the good work we’ve put in at the gym. The problem is that most

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